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Save Your Hide | Tallow Balm

Tallow body balm, Save Your Hide. Shut the barn door! You're going to love and crave this velvety smooth texture.  Fat based skin care is the best way to nourish and respect your living canvas should difficult skin conditions occur.  We keep it simple for you too, because you can use it from head to hoof.  Choose from one of our intoxicating scents. 

What's in it? More like what's not in it!  We chose 7 simple, highly effective ingredients that can nourish you from head to toe with the perfect balance of fats, butters and oils to get the job done and then we added skin safe fragrances and essential oils to make your skin luxuriously intoxicating to your senses.

Ingredients:  Tallow (grass-fed & finished), organic mango butter, rice bran oil, meadowfoam seed oil, emu oil (aea certified), sambucus nigra fruit extract, natural vitamin E, essential oils, fragrance

No preservatives are used in this product and the fragrances are phthalate free.  Use a clean finger or spatula.  Start with a pea sized amount and rub fingers together to warm the product before applying.  Product can melt above 76 degrees so keep away from heat.  If melting occurs, put product in refrigerator to firm it back up.  Grittiness may occur and is natural. Warming the product in your hands before applying makes the grittiness, if there is any, go away.