Wholesome ingredients, guaranteed to work, with nothing to hide. When you use our products, you'll feel the pride, passion and love that we've poured into each and every ounce.

Hi, I'm Cindy Allyn, creator of Farmbody Skin Care. My bath & body shop refill store, Sustainafillery, is located in the heart of the black dirt region of the Hudson Valley at 8 Bridge Street in the Big Building out back in the village of Florida, New York. Since 2006, I've been crafting wholesome skincare products to help people with allergies, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and the effects of chemotherapy. In all, we have well over 100 products in the shop available with over 80 fragrances and essential oils so you can customize your skin care. We've recently added biodegradable laundry soap and cleaners for your home too. 
We're on a mission to provide you with high quality handcrafted products that support your skin's natural microbiome. We source our ingredients from sustainable farms locally and globally. The majority of our ingredients originated on farms and then were processed into extracts that we incorporate into our products.
We started the refill store, Sustainafillery, in January of 2024 as an exciting way to provide our customers with a unique experience and an opportunity to save money while we all do our part to reduce plastic waste and reduce our carbon footprint.  
My artisan story began out of necessity and survival. 

For over a decade I was a medical massage therapist, a spa owner, a nail technician and completely self employed. My hands were my living. Out of nowhere, I developed contact dermatitis (eczema) with profusely itchy, oozing skin on my hands. It was awful and about to put an end to my career. Work became unbearable. I went to the dermatologist and they put me on topical steroids but the problem just continued and you can’t live on that stuff! I went through skin testing and they couldn’t figure it out. My skin was thinning on the steroids and the condition of my hands was not improving: it was absolutely maddening.  In order to save my hands, my sanity and my career I decided to do my own research and so the journey began. 

I took classes and completely immersed myself in the natural skin care industry. Soon I was creating products in a way that no one else was, using probiotics in a way to bring about healing. Cut to the chase: I healed my hands, launched a whole new career to help others and I am loving every minute of this journey. 

If you're suffering with skin conditions like I was then you've come to the right place. I suggest everyone starts out with ditching the chemicals! Start with one of our soaps and be sure to get a Butter Me Up Buttercup for your hands. These 2 simple changes will yield results and lead you on a path to healthier skin. At Farmbody Skin Care and now Sustainafillery. we have you covered from head to hoof! 

Thank you for your business.


Cindy Allyn