Farmbody How to Use Caffeine for Hair Growth in Solid Shampoo Bar
Farmbody Solid Shampoo Bars Save the Environment from Plastic Waste
Farmbody Caffeinated Solid Shampoo Bar Ingredients for hair growth of thin hair after chemotherapy

Rise & Shine Coffee Shampoo Bar for Maximum Growth & Shine

This is the best caffeine shampoo for hair loss on the market and it comes in a concentrated eco-friendly solid bar. It's gentle on your scalp too because it's  completely sulfate free, color safe, preservative free and salon tested. It's formulated with all natural ingredients to make your hair appear fuller instantly

To keep the shampoo bar eco-friendly it is wrapped in biodegradable wrapping and comes in a container made from a corn starch biocompostable material (it's not plastic). Each long lasting bar eliminates over 2 plastic bottles from the environment.

This is no ordinary shampoo bar! Check out our ingredient highlights below to see how we are different. (By the way, it smells like fresh brewed coffee in the shower when you use it, yum.)  This caffeinated shampoo is for men and women.  Most men we've spoken to say they don't need the conditioner but we recommend that women use the conditioner to close the cuticle and protect their hair from the elements to prevent damage.

How are we different? 

I used to own an organic salon so I know what hair really needs to thrive so I made sure our shampoo bars have it all. Compare our ingredients to other bars and you will see why our bar is truly salon quality above the rest. We do not use cocomidopropyl betaine (it can be a skin irritant for people with sensitive skin).  We do not use sodium coco sulfate (it's a sulfate).

Ingredient Highlights:

Caffeine: Stimulates growth when left on for 2 minutes to penetrate the hair follicles.

Hemp Seed Oil:  Aids in growth & shine, keeps scalp healthy.

Honey:  Provides natural moisture

Date Fruit:  Adds volume when left on for 2 minutes and aids in comb out

Rice Protein:  Thickens hair

Panthenol:  Conditions hair and fights hair loss

Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride:  Biodegradable ingredient adds a positive charge to negatively charged hair so all ingredients can perform: vital

Daikon Seed (Raphanus Sativus (Radish) Seed Extract: Forms a protective layer to protect hair from damage without buildup

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: Sulfate Free cleanser known as baby foam provides a good clean to hair and scalp without irritation

Hydrolyzed Oat Protein:  Helps to insure gentleness of the cleanser and protect hair with oat protein

Ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate, kokum butter, distearoylethyl dimonium chloride*, cetearyl alcohol, hemp seed oil, lactobacillus / date fruit ferment extract, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed oat protein, hydrolyzed rice protein, raphanus sativus (radish) seed extract, raw honey, sambucus nigra fruit extract, sodium lactate, dl-panthenol, caffeine, cetyl alcohol, fragrance
(phthalate free)
*biodegradable positive charge added so all wholesome ingredients can cling to hair which is negatively charged.