Farmbody How to Fade Dark Spots Naturally with Niacinnamide Cream and Shitake Mushrooms Skincare
Farmbody Mushroom Skincare how to fade dark spots naturally with niacinnamide and shitake mushrooms ingredients

Mushroom Skin Care | See Spots Run

Dark Spots - Sun Damage - Age Spots: Pack your bags. You're going on a magical journey far, far away! See Spots just 28 days.

Hands, décolleté, arms, legs: Use wherever the spots have landed! 

See Spots Run contains  a powerful blend of mushrooms, alpha hydroxy acids and niacinamide to safely and effectively fade the signs of aging. We recommend our Magical Hydration for the face because it contains extra hydration but See Spots Run can be used on your face too if you're just targeting a few spots. See Spots Run contains a plant based wax to help the product penetrate and last when used on your hands and body.

How are we different than other lighteners on the market? Ingredients matter. We are the only brand that uses all natural ingredients and our cream is preserved with radish root and lactobacillus. Our skin care is PEG Free. 

It does not contain Octyl Methoxycinnamate (a known hormone disrupter). It does not contain Hydroquinone (a controversial skin lightener, a derivative of benzene).

Farmbody never uses any parabens, formaldehyde releasers or preservatives that mess with your hormones. 

Take your before pictures and monitor your progress. Share them by tagging us on our social media @farmbodyskincare. The results are impressive and we love it when you share.