Farmbody Solid Shampoo Bar Ingredients for thick and curly and ethnic hair
Farmbody Directions on how to use a solid shampoo bar for thick curly ethnic hair for best results
Farmbody Solid Shampoo Bars Save the Environment from Plastic waste and they are biodegradable zero waste

Solid Shampoo Bar For Thick and Curly Hair with Hemp and Hops | Sunshine

At Farmbody, we make solid shampoo bars that are free from cocamidopropyl betaine, a known skin irritant of the scape in people with sensitive skin. It's difficult to find a shampoo bar for sensitive skin (we know) so that's why we created them. 

We combined hemp oil and hops for the moisture and shine your thick and curly hair craves. 

The scent is a happy mix of pink grapefruit, blood orange and honey. It smells like sunshine for sure.

Sulfate Free & Gentle for Every Day

  • Provides Moisture for Dry, Curly or Color Treated Hair
  • Biodegradable and Equal to 2 Bottles of Shampoo
  • Concentrated & Provides Luxurious Lather
  • No PEG's, Ethoxylated Ingredients or Preservatives
  • Silicone Free
  • Features Flax Oil, Kokum Butter, Hemp, Hops, Honey, Oats, Beer Extract And
  • Daikon for Exceptional Moisture That Won't Weigh Your Hair Down
  • Free of Cocamidopropyl Betaine, a known skin irritant for people with sensitive scalps

Easy to Use, Just Swipe Directly On Your Wet Scalp & Hair A Few Times, Put Bar Away from Water and Continue to Build a Beautiful Lather To Gently Clean Your Scalp and Hair. Rinse and follow with The Hemp Hop Conditioning Bar to Close the Hair Cuticle, Smooth Your Hair, Prevent Frizz and Prevent Damage.