Farmbody Fragrance Free Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap With Oatmeal for Eczema and Sensitive Skin Ingredients

Moisturizing Goat Milk Bar Soap for Dry Sensitive Skin with Oatmeal | Unscented

We created this fragrance free soap to help people with various skin issues that make them sensitive to fragrances, chemicals and preservatives. It's more moisturizing than our regular goat milk soap and it contains oatmeal to sooth and calm the skin.

Here are the key ingredients that make our moisturizing goat milk bar soap special for sensitive skin issues:

  • Kokum Butter: a nut free butter from India that nourishes damaged skin
  • Hemp Seed Oil: high in linoleic acid that sensitive skin needs to thrive
  • Honey: nature's humectant to keep moisture locked in
  • Cocoa Butter: alleviates skin irritation and itch
  • Organic Cultured Cream (yogurt): gently exfoliates skin to boost regeneration
  • No artificial colors or dyes are used in our soap
Ditch the cheap chemicals in shower gel today that can cause irritation in people with sensitive skin and try our moisturizing goat milk soap bars today. Your skin will thank you.