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Wild and Fermented 5 Mushroom Turmeric and Clay Soap | Lime, Eucalyptus and Wood

Our vegan mushroom soap is wild and fermented for super smooth skin. This mushroom soap is packed with super antioxidants to fight the free radicals that lead to skin damage.

Meet the fermented mushrooms that keep your skin youthful:

  • Chaga
  • Reishi
  • Maitake
  • Shitake
  • Cordyceps

Key bar soap ingredients that keep your sensitive skin moisturized and smooth:

  • Kokum Butter: a nut free butter from India to soothe & protect sensitive skin
  • Cocoa Butter: alleviates skin irritation and itch
  • Hemp Seed Oil: provides skin with high linoleic fatty acids so skin thrives
  • Coconut Oil: naturally keeps skin clean and protected
  • Rhasshoul Clay: rich in magnesium and potassium to fight blemishes & bacteria
  • Turmeric: known to fight inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema
     Everyone loves this balancing earthy fragrance. It's our best seller. Lather, Rinse & Enjoy!